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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Awesome Asian Bad Guys Premiere

Patrick (tall) Steve(mustache)

The premiere of Steve Dypiangco and Patrick Epino's Awesome Asian Bad Guys was made with much fan fare at LA Asian Pacific Film Festival. The film makes fun and parodies many famous martial art films with the premise of bringing together the unknown Asian bad guys who die so often in action movies. The film stars the directors along side Al Leong- Die Hard, Dante Basco-Rufio from Hook, Aaron Takahashi, Tamlyn Tomita and Yuji Okumoto - Karate Kid, Randall Park, George Cheung-Rambo. The team has to stop an evil plot from Aaron Takahashi while Steve and Patrick still giving reminders of whats going on as though an online video series. The film is set as a series of web episodes, but for the LA Asian Pacific Film Festival came together in one seating.

Though the premise is funny, the build-up and material is only worthy of some reminders to what movies these sometimes forgotten Asian bad guys come from. Al Leong has the power to never die as he's died so often on film. George Cheung is barely in the film, letting his "daughter" named Jet Lee take his place on the team. 

For a film revealed to be made for $38,000 from Kickstarter they pulled off some silly jokes that hardcore fans of film might die of. For those wanting a stronger film forget it. This film is a web-series comedy given more time then it needed, but might make you chuckle in small doses or a fan of any of the actors.

Just don't say Rufio to Danya Basco anymore or he might go all firebender on you.

George Cheung looking scary