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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Truly Disgusting LA Repair Crews Barely Do Their Jobs

David Goldstein did some great investigative reporting by following two of the only twelve repair crews-yeah that's a paltry number-that fill in all of LA's pot holes.

CBS2 Investigation: Some Repair Crews Not In A Hurry To Fix City Streets

His investigation had him following repair crews in LA wasting time reading porno papers and eating breakfast all on taxpayer time. Some days they worked two hours on eight hour shifts.

Most troubling is the lack of supervision as no supervisor seems to check on these crews.

Another blow was the question of GPS tracking which the city can't afford. I question why it's even needed if you have qualified supervisors checking and making sure their teams are doing their jobs.

A new half a cent tax for city services is to be asked by the LA Council, remember this article and vote no as the city can't clearly control the money it has in the first place.

The teams reported on in the piece are now under investigation.