Friday, May 9, 2014

Murder LA 000048

Roberto Sanchez
A policeman was killed in a vehicle collision during a chase shortly before 4am this past Saturday, May 3rd.

Officer Roberto Sanchez and his partner were in pursuit of a Camaro on Anaheim St in Harbor City, but they were being pursued as well. Surveillance footage shows both cars pass by, with an SUV shortly behind.

The Camaro, which fled after an attempted pull-over for a traffic violation, reportedly made a sharp u-turn and when the officers followed suit the SUV, a Chevy Tahoe, smashed into the driver's side of the cruiser.

Mynor Valera
via his Facebook
According to officials, the Tahoe was driven by Mynor Valera. They claim the 20-year-old caused the collision to aid the Camaro driver, whom he knew.

After the crash, Valera and his brother allegedly fled the scene. Sanchez's partner, who survived, had to use his cell phone to call for help because the car was so badly damaged.

The LA Times claims that the SUV did not belong to either of the Valera brothers, though they were arrested later that day on unrelated charges. It wasn't long before police discovered a connection with the Camaro driver, whom authorities have spoken to but not arrested. Mynor Valera was charged with murder, among other things, on Wednesday.

Dave Lopez harasses Valera's family
outside the Long Beach courthouse

  • One of the three homeless men arrested for the murder of Christina Calderon on Hollywood Blvd last year has been sentenced to 2 years. Jason Wolstone is the only one of the accused who pleaded no contest to the charges against him. The other two will go to trial. Wolstone is not the one who stabbed Ms. Calderon.
  • Donald Sterling's deceased son was investigated for attempted murder in 2000. The LA Times has a lengthy write-up of the Beverly Hills shooting wherein Scott Sterling claimed self-defense even though the victim, his childhood friend, appeared to have been shot from behind. One of the more odd details is that an investigator recorded a phone interview that included Scott's mother expressing disbelief after he claims that the victim escaped by climbing over the property's fence after having been hit in both legs with a shotgun. The LA Times reporter was also played a phone recording of Donald Sterling attempting to either intimidate or bribe an investigator. When asked for comment, Sterling's lawyer denied that his client ever even spoke to the police. The district attorney's office never brought charges.

LOOKING FOR A GOOD TIME? Apparently there's a murder mystery event run on the last Saturday of each month at the Getty Center. Looks like participants follow clues around the museum to figure out who killed a (fictional?) curator. The next one will be May 31st at 4:30pm. Each ticket costs $22.