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Monday, May 12, 2014

Game Hype: Nintendo Finally Releasing Figure Series Nintendo Figurine Platform

Coming out a little early before E3 is Nintendo dropping news of their game figures finally coming out. The figures of characters will save data and allow certain interaction with multiple games. Keeping up with bad naming the series of figures is called Nintendo Figurine Platform, uggh. You'll be able to place the figure on your Wii U gamepad or on some sort of yet-unnamed device for 3DS for the figures to work.

Many might remember info on this figure series leaked years ago and caused a fight between Ubisoft and Nintendo. Ubisoft showed off the figure system early, it was "leaked". Rumor has it it built up a stock of figures and Nintendo was to slow to implement the system which as of writing this is still not in stores causing Ubisoft to loose money.

It's not that it's a bad idea, it just took forever to implement for some unknown reason. What games that exist for these figures will also be up for debate if it's worth it.

If the the figures do well as Skylander or Disney Infinity, Nintendo is looking at an influx of cash.