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Friday, May 9, 2014

Evangelion and Japanese Swords

Evangelion and Japanese Swords, not even and clever title was created to sum up the ultra otaku combination of the Evangelion anime with Japan's cultural history of sword making. Currently going on in Paris then Madrid, this exhibition features swords created in the spirit of Evangelion. By far the greatest idea ever. It's not Evangelion combined with horse track racing or shaving, both of which were real, it's awe-inspiring collection of commissioned blades.

For true fans admiration the Lance of Longinus is remade, seemingly taller than it's wielder. This is not the first time the weapon has been comminsioned. It is however an amazing piece of weaponry and art.

To sum it up, an anime has inspired real world artisans to make swords based on giant robots.

Why can't it come to LA? Come on JANM or MOCA just put them in here

Can you spot Asuka?