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Thursday, May 15, 2014

I Want Candy: Dylan's Candy Bar, Le Mervetty, Lolli And Pops

When it cools down and the city's heat won't melt it into a gooey mess candy will be eaten. It needs to be eaten by you. Chocolate bars, sweet mallow-mars, gummy anything, we all want it. Here's some of the top places to get you candy filling with the LA area.
Dylan's Candy Bar
Inside or outskirts
of The Farmer's Market
6333 West Third Street
Los Angeles, CA 90036

As you open the door you'll get whiff of candy delights. From the outside it looks like rainbows are made inside. When inside you'll be reminded rainbows can't be made man unless you're in the Sony lot in Culver City..they actually built a rainbow there. They do have something good and as colorful as rainbows CANDY. Sweet, sweet candy!

The center of the store holds a lollipop tree, something are lazy scientists should be trying to make real. Another child entered the store then the many already inside when I visited. The child said nothing discernible, they were just overwhelmed by the amount of candy.

Walls of candy wallpaper enclosed on sections for candy bars that Dylan makes of its own accord. Multiple flavors of chocolate and other taste sensations.

A wall of celebrity photos and the boxes of candy the chose is on one side. Cases looking like melting chocolate bars are next to it.

Dylan's has a huge selection of treats to eat and many of you classic favorites.

Lolli And Pops
Inside the Glendale Galleria 
1128 Glendale Galleria 
Glendale, CA 91210

A classy looking candy store within the Glendale Galleria. Murder LA's Mr. Cohen happened by not covering any foul play, he wanted candy. There are some foreign specialties within the store.

Le Mervetty
319 N Canon Dr 
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Hello fancy! Fancy is Le Mervetty. Candy enough, it's a French bakery that recently opened up in Beverly Hills. Reviews are giving it a good taste. Family run, the selection is pricey with meringues at $5.