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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Walk of Shame Review LA gets in on the jokes

The Walk of Shame, Out Now

800-588-2300 Empire! Those lines coming out of a crackhead make Walk of Shame a very inside LA movie. Walk of Shame stars Elizabeth Banks as Meghan from Texas, an up and coming KZLA reporter -KTLA, get it- who might just become a lead anchor. After a breakup and learning she's not going to get lead anchor she goes out with friends to party. She drinks too much, meets a cool bartender played by James Marsden and they spend some time together. She wakes up to find she can become lead anchor if she pulls off a good show the next day. She walks out on her bartender beau without any money and finds her car has been towed. She must now go on a Walk of Shame.

This comedy is nowhere near perfect. Though you'll spot cameos from comedians from LA's own stand up scene and television the plot is mostly forgotten with this reporter's bad luck trip through downtown where she can't find help and is mistaken for a hooker.

For the LA resident it's a laugh at all the in-jokes about LA from the carpet king Empire Today being said by a crackhead to seeing KZLA's antennae tower which is really KTLA's photoshopped to be one letter off.

The best bit might be the bizarre hatred cats have of Meghan with the best use of CGI in the film being a cat's eyes bulging out in hate of her.

If you want LA in-jokes in a weak comedy with a little love it's up to you if you want to see it.