Thursday, May 22, 2014

It's All Sailor Moon To Me: Licensed by Viz, Moon Animate, Make-Up!, Moon Crisis: A Sailor Moon Tribute Art Show

-In tremendous news for Sailor Moon fans Viz Media recently announced that both the original series and the new series out this Summer have been licensed by them for North America. A subbed version of the original series will be online via the free Neon Alley and Hulu. Two new episodes will be added every Monday. This now includes all 5 seasons and specials of the series, some of which never made it legally to the US. There will be no gender or name edits, so we have lesbians in loves Sailor Uranus and Neptune, instead incestual cousins that the English dub gave.

The series will be re-released on DVD and Blu-ray sets starting this Fall. Anime Expo will have the past cast English voice dub team in attendance. On July 5, the new dub cast will be announced by Viz. Many speculate it will be the original voice actors as they are attending AX already.

Here's a great infographic about it all happening.

-Moon Animate, Make-Up! is coming out soon. Fans await the massive efforts of hundreds of artists all doing mere seconds of animation for one episode of Sailor Moon. The episode being animated is Season 1, Episode 38: Fractious Friend. Artists from all over the net were only given five seconds to animate of the episode. The entire episode was set to premiere with a 2014 Spring date of completion, we're almost in June. It's more likely to premiere this Summer when the new Sailor Moon series begins.

You have to love the people behind this-from their info page:
"This is a free project for animators because this is my idea of fun because I am a dork."

Moon Crisis: A Sailor Moon Tribute Art Show is set for a July 5th opening reception. This was an Indiegogo funded art exhibit project that raised a mere $520 to get up and running. The art show isn't even featuring that many artists, but they make up for it in the quality of artists chosen. The opening reception is the same day of the launch of the new series Why it opens in the distant lands of Anaheim instead of staying close for Anime Expo is open for debate.