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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Top Picks For The 2014 Los Angeles Film Festival

TTDILA's Top Picks For The 2014 Los Angeles Film Festival begins now. AT TTDILA we give you the top notch choices of what to see at this year's festival. If you think you know better then by all means check out the festival guide on your own.

For those wanting to be lifted up and over those who know nothing of cinema. For those who want to see something to watch with friends and laugh. For those wanting to see something just beyond, stay on this list.

Forget opening nigh gala Snowpeircer, it's based on a French comic from the 70's given to a South Korean director known for horror and star Chris Evans. The films is also an opening nigh gala, you know what else was, Green Lantern.

On to a wider field of films to delight you over the time E3 is in LA and you can just be somewhat close to it in a theater nearby.

In Japanese with English subtitles
Mon, Jun 16th 9:40pm
Regal Cinemas 10
Wed, Jun 18th 9:40pm
Regal Cinemas 12

Hard to believe the LA Film Festival gets this film from Japan parodying Power Rangers and their version of valley girls. Five young women must battle evil while trying to lead stylish sexy lives. It's a real pain to battle evil when you have a date. From Yuichi Fukuda, which TTDILA has praised before and begs a dubbing or decent sub of his work Kid Police.

Their robot has boobs.

Sexy Japanese girls protecting the earth in Tokusatsu style.

Let's Play
Wed, Jun 18th 9:20pm
Regal Cinemas 14

TTDILA's mixed on this one. It's game-play videos with some creators of the games in person. I don't know if I'd define gaming with film, but hey they're having a live read of Gravity Falls for some reason. All the titles are indie games;weird stuff and some good laughs for sure.

The Well
Thu, Jun 12th 9:15pm
Regal Cinemas 9
Tue, Jun 17th 9:20pm
Regal Cinemas 12

Well, darn, it's a post-apocalyptic tomorrow and a gang wants to take the watering hole from our 17-year-old gal Kendal. On top of those troubles I notice the film needs some foley work as gunshots sound fake. Give it a chance, a trial run, see if the director might mess up.

Inner Demons
Fri, Jun 13th 10:00pm
Regal Cinemas 9


When a reality show intervention for an A-student goes wrong for her and her religious family they're will be Hell to pay, literally. She's on herion to fight her inner Hell, a real demon. Rehab is not always the the best solution, exorcisms are!

Sat, Jun 14th 7:00pm
Regal Cinemas 8
Tue, Jun 17th 1:50pm
Regal Cinemas 12

Frank, it's all about him. Now if we could just see his face. We can't though as he's always wearing a fake head. This weird new music masterpiece features a band heading to South by Southwest to play thanks to their lead-man and songwriter Frank. They'll be creating an album together in strange ways over a few months before getting their big gig, until then let the insanity keep coming.

Mon, Jun 16th 7:30pm
Leo S. Bing Theatre at LACMA

Community is dead. Dan Harmon is yet to be, but you might easily see him mentioned in the obituaries with how crazy he can get. Harmontown is now the name of a documentary and not just his podcast. His podcast and the people in it, not just himself, go on a tour of the country. Which is odd, because I though it just happened in LA.

Gravity Falls Live!
Sat, Jun 14th 11:00am
Regal Cinemas 10

The cast of Gravity Falls will have a live read. Little kids sure as Hell want care, but older people who like the cartoon will. Dipper and Mabel played by Jason Ritter and Kristen Schaal with creator/executive producer Alex Hirsch aka Grunkel Stan will perform then answer questions with a Q and A. It was suggested that the cast just have a cupcake eating contest instead, I agree with that idea. Send that request in to the [email protected]

Funny Talk: A Conversation with Key and Peele
Sun, Jun 15th 8:00pm
Regal Cinemas 11

 Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele will tell us what's funny and will eat it up. From Mad TV that dies do long ago these comedy duo has blown up big in the last few years. Clips from some of the favorite movies will be shown and mocked.

22 Jump Street
Tue, Jun 10th 7:30pm
Regal Cinemas 1

Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum are back from the directors who gave us The Lego Movies. Now they're in college and need to kick more butt and get into more awkward situations as narc cops.

Fan Favs and Cult Classics

All these have supposed special guests, but no one confirmed.

Fri, Jun 13th 9:45pm
Regal Cinemas 8

Stay on your porch, chill with Ice-T and Chris Tucker.

Repo Man
Sun, Jun 15th 9:15pm
Regal Cinemas 10

30th Anniversary Screening

A cult classic set in LA alien interests and alien ideas in a story about repo men that goes too far for some.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Mon, Jun 16th 7:30pm
Regal Cinemas 9

The jokes from this film are ingrained in our society. I mean the parody of this work is ingrained in our society.