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Friday, May 9, 2014

Great Horror Campout Returns This June

With an influx of money from Mark Cuban of Shark Tank the Great Horror Campout has expanded nation wide. LA still has it's own grizzly affair to deal with this June. Taking place at the Griffith Park Old Zoo, the regular haunting grounds of the Haunted Hay Ride, Ten Thirty One Productions should feel more at home. Ten Thirty One Productions are the folks behind this horror camping event and Haunted Hay Ride.

Great Horror Campout
June 6 and 7th
8pm until 8am
Griffith Park Old Zoo
4730 Crystal Spring Dr,  Los Angeles CA  90027 
You might recall TTDILA gave the campout a lackluster review with room to improve last year. Moving to a farther off location devoid of the cityscape is a start. The Voodoo dancing part was a favorite and it does make a return.

The Hell Hunt remains, where campers will have to solve riddles and tests and go past certain nightmare hellscapes to grab items for a massive scavenger hunt. Collect enough items to be crowned a Hellmaster. If you're not in a chicken zone, (safe zone) monsters of all sorts can scare you and even then they might break through. Trying to sleep may be harder than you think with monsters lurking about in some very amazing gear.

Those more inclined to relax, as best they can in that atmosphere, can watch horror movies or a marvel at a talent show. New this year are bonfire stories and singalongs.

Thrillist reports some insights including a promised giant monster you have to milk, blood tag-like laster tag- and good food this time around. Last year's food was monstrous, to up their game they got
Street/Mud Hen Tavern's Susan Feniger and Kajsa Alger for eats.

Checking some casting sites the production company is looking for a certified scuba diver, take from that what you want, TTDILA is hoping for a "creature from the black lagoon monster".