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Sunday, May 11, 2014

My Famicase 2014 Art Show Up Online

The My Famicase 2014 exhibition of Japan is finally full online. Check out the 100+ entries including TTDILA'S own "Oh, Don't Shoot The Hostage!" done by our comics maven Andrew Gallardo.

Update: Really take the time if you can to go through these cartridges. Each of them is a game you'll want to play. TTDILA's is very impressed this year with the selection.

Here's a few more that caught TTDILA's eye. Be sure to click on them over there to read their synopsis and be sad they'll never be real games.
 Crazy Balloon just looks like too much fun, those one hit kill?
 Just the titles of Mama's Boy and Terminus win us over.

" Giant Beach Ghost With Makeshift Boat Sombrero"