Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Oinkster on Vine Isn't Tasty

get a load of those buns
The Oinkster's decor was as bad as its food. The new Oinkster on Vine puts out burgers on indoor benches and tastes about the same as picking up a burger from any other vendor who serves burgers near park benches.

TTDILA went to the new location after watching the brand new Godzilla cementing it as a terrible night ending with bad food. The burgers, pulled pork and fries are easily forgotten and the atmosphere inside is a picnic area. If it was an actual picnic area they might have something, but looking cheaper than a McDonalds inside is just sad.

Coming June 2 the Oinkster on Vine will be having it's own Burger Week like its cousin in Pasadena. Burgers from well-known burgers places are re-made to be tastier and meatier. Until then, do avoid and grab a burger at In-N-Out where the taste remains the best.

The Oinkster
 776 Vine St
 Los Angeles, CA 90038
(323) 536-9248