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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Why Didn't Godzilla Have An Ad Campaign with Monster Energy Drink?

Before seeing the monster mayhem tease that was Godzilla I walked into a Walgreens and noticed no products containing the green Goliath. Monster Energy Drink would be the obvious choice over the idiotic Fiat commercials where Godzilla regurgitates one of their cars- I'm sure Fiat sells went down with that commercial.

Ad Age mentions Fiat put in this disclaimer for the commercial "Didn't actually happen." 

Then you have the X-Men movie on the side of Twinkies. Kids will eat those up.

Heads up, Godzilla's law firm is LA based

"Since the mid-1980s, Chuck Shephard of the Los Angeles law firm of Greenberg Glusker has been Godzilla’s lead lawyer, filing suits like the one against a wine called Cabzilla that resulted in a winemaker being forced to dump its stock of Cabernet Sauvignon."