Tuesday, May 27, 2014

X-Men: Days of Future Past is really Hey Warner Bros We Already Did A Really Fast Guy Before You

Xavier fire farts
X-Men: Days of Future Past has one great scene with the mutant speedster Quicksilver, who's hair looks terrible in the film. The only reason Quicksilver makes it in isn't to screw with Disney's Avengers so much as it's to tell Warner Bros and DC they screwed up and have no Flash movie yet. A Flash TV show is coming to the CW next Fall, but it wasn't fast enough. The rest of the film makes you question how can a movie with giant killer robots be boring, it can be.

Wasted millions on boring fight scenes they were perfected in comics decades ago leads to some of the saddest fights ever. The film does shows you could make a decent Portal movies based on the game series with Glados with how the mutant Blink uses her powers to redirect attack after attack.