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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Eat Your Art Out 7: Grindhouse Inferno Blazed The Night Away

Girls in tight shorts and skimpy tops rolling through an art gallery while a DJ played loud beats. Hopefully, cool cats and fine ladies you were there. If you weren't then you might be square.

Trouble wasn't brewing on a hot Saturday near Santa Monica Blvd. The Titmouse offices were open on the weekend for Eat Your Art Out 7: Grindhouse Inferno edition, baby. A silent auction and party for the butt-kicking Angel City Derby Girls. They were raising hopes, money and other things throughout the night.

Walking in you might meet one of the coolest cats in town, Dave Crosland doing live art. A big crowd formed around him and other artists working at their craft. When he's not painting live art the man gets his bills as a character designer over at Titmouse.
Dave Crosland
"F#cking Fantastic!," he exclaimed when asked about how he felt about the night rolling on and he just started painting his warrior women. "It's a fun, fun time, " as he was pulled away to talk to friends, stopping again from finishing his work. He'd be painting a colorful warrior women with a dead animal accessory as the sun went down.

Dave was joined by fellow artist Jim Mahfood who was to be DJing later in the evening. Mahfood had barely begun his work when interrupted by friends and fans. "Eat your art out represents: fun, funk, community, Los Angeles, good people..., " he kept going with words of what the event meant to him.

Sleazy Bake Oven, one of the Angel City Derby Girls now on the creative council and former player for three years told where the money would be going. "It's to raise money for the league, to support travel, it goes to everything." Another Derby Girl going by Havana Club Ya added, "Every year we outdo ourselves, it's an artistic inferno!"

JQ Hammer might be in the center of that inferno. An artist of the evening, his piece was large and hairy. "Zombie movies were always a big thing for me and I like the blaxploitation, " he said as he showed me his piece Foxy Afro Zombie with a starting bid of $200. It's violence and gruesome hair of zombies was cut down by Tiffany Ford's "Leisure Time" with a young girl happily skating.

Up near them was a piece making fun of one of Patton Oswalt's best stand-up sets, Death Bed: The Bed that Eats People by Nico Colaleo done in a cartoony way.
JQ Hammer

These pieces were just a sprinkling of the warehouse filled with art with DJ's spinning so loud your head might fall off. The Angel City Derby Girl at the scene posing for pictures, carrying toy guns and weapons would be nice enough to pickup your head or maybe roll over it with their skates depending on their mood. Art shows aren't art shows to me any more unless ladies are keeping balance nearby in small outfits and cut up stockings.

Keep A Breast Foundation formed an alliance for a second year in a row. Shaney Jo Darden, the CEO of the foundation told me how some of the Derby Girls had breast casts made of their boobs then select artists painted these boob casts to be sold at silent auction for their charity. The organization is something any man or women can grab, keeping breasts through education and prevention of anything that might hurt them. 

From guns to see-through-nipples each bust was a sweet rack of art-one had peppermint nipples- and a reason to remember to keep boobs safe.

Taking photos of three girls all with an eye-patch over one eye was Nick Kuilma, a husband to one of the derby girls. He had this message to convey, "I urge your readers to support Angel City Derby Girls."

The night rallied on with free drinks for patrons and dirty eats from food trucks serving pudding, pizza and hot dogs. Those nearby outdoor toilets had a workout ready for them.

Be supportive of the Angel City Derby Girls, if not they might come for you, Grindhouse Style!

more pieces after jump, some NSFW