Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Weekly What To Do: Bananas Can't Procreate

"There's always money in the banana stand" Arrested Development Art Show
            June 29 - July 21, 2012

Opening Reception: Fri, June 29th from 7-10pm
Hours: Wed - Sun: 11AM - 6PM
Monday and Tuesday: Closed

With a movie due from Netflix it seems like a good time to have an art show based on a great sitcom.

Beyond The Black Rainbow (6/27, 7:30pm, director in person!)
Beyond The Black Rainbow (6/27, 10:30pm, LIVE SCORE by Wrekmeister Harmonies!)

@ The Cinefamily

Birdemic and Elvira @ Golden Apple

 Ghosts Can't Do It


It’s movie riffing DIY-style! We scour the bottom of the VHS barrel to find the worst movies you’ve never seen, and invite YOU to help us make fun of them. Come up with the best one-liners of the night, and you could win a prize! Your hosts, John Mathot (Disney’s Phineas & Ferb), Susan Wright (The Because Show podcast), and improv troupe The Omelettes will present a disastrously bad Bo Derek movie (is that redundant?) called Ghosts Can't Do It. If you dig MST3K and RiffTrax, HMN is for you!

Date: Monday - July 2, 2012 - 08:00 PM
Nerdist Theater (8) - Los Angeles - General Admin
Doors Open 07:40 PM