Thursday, June 7, 2012

EA Conference 2012: Violence Sells

 The other title of this article could have been "It's All about Arrows". If you want to desensitize children to violence nothing could do it faster than the E3 media briefings I attended where people died painfully and got a lot of laughs while dying.
 So there's Crysis 3, if your into it more people to kill and stuff to destroy, not really impressive or innovative.

If your into Battlefield you might as well get premium for all the extra levels and add-ons you can get.
Out of the way other titles, Dead Space 3 sit right here at the table for awesome people. Get out of here every other game I saw. Dead Space 3, a little be of telekinetic powers like a Jedi, weapons for dismemberment and a new guy who cracks jokes all while alien zombies want to eat you. Dead  Space 3 is like jam packing a game with everything you've enjoy in other movies, then getting into the film yourself.

My favorite part was finding out you can get eaten, complete reminiscent of Lost Planet 2. I hope it's more than just one level like Lost Planet 2, it's fun to get eaten and work you way out more than once.

The game looks great and with co-op it's a must buy for alien combat with friends, who doesn't want to spend a weekend blasting the crap out of aliens in their own action sci-fi flick.

 Sim City finally returns and bitterly hates Farmville in the trailer I saw.  It's an updated version of the game which you can play both alone and online.  There will also be a Sim City Social which hopefully kills Farmville. The new engine it runs on "Glassbox" let's you be as creepy as you want watching over a miniature city and acting evil or good to the people inside. Data visulization was impressive and make me kind of sad we don't have cool ways to monitor in real life. You can see data, electricity and if water mangament throughout the city.

 Medal of Honor Warfighter looked boring to me, but if your into the series it seems right up your alley. You can take on real world based teams of soldiers and kill each other with there abilities.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted was also announced and made me miss Burnout. You can take damage and dish it out all while trying to evade the cops.