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Monday, June 18, 2012

Adventure Time: The Complete First Season DVD Shows Finn's Insides

                                              AT fans at AM2 last weekend June 17, 2012
 Check it out, Cartoon Network sent me my review copy of the Adventure Time: The Complete First Season DVD collection. The design of the cardboard case on top of the DVD case slides off like Finn's bunny ear-thing hood revealing he's full luxurious blonde hair. Inside the case other layers of Finn's anatomy are shown like early Leonardo Da Vinci sketchings depicting our insides starting with muscle, then bone and finally his brain meats.  I'll have a review on the DVD collection shortly, it has layers of extras, just like the DVD case art work. Also of note, if you bought the previous DVD, Adventure Time: It Came From the Nightosphere, you can have Finn and Jake together as best buds, because Jake is the cover art for the previous DVD.