Monday, June 4, 2012

Game Over Art Show: Giant Robot Has Game

 Last Saturday night the Giant Robot gallery was open on Sawtelle next to other trendy hangouts for UCLA students and the Asian community. The place filled with gamers and art fans admiring the multiple pieces brought in by Eric Nakamura's (curator/owner Giant Robot) art show. Angry Bananas, the good folks at Meat Bun, LA Game Space and members of Streetpass LA were all in attendance captivated by each piece. Check some of my favorites below and more after the jump.

It wasn't only seeing a video game community socially interacting in real life that made the night so nice. Nor was it the many gamer t-shirts that people wore, it was the random people who came in to see what the buzz was about. Many times people passed the console gamers playing Super Mario World and Ghost and Goblins outside of GR and took a stroll inside. When they found Catburger, the free arcade game inside where one must collect the most pieces of a burger to grow bigger than there opponent, I'd thought they'd leave. The game also made you play as a cat and had a Meow button, but this didn't make any toddlers to seniors not try it out. If it had some easier controls I'd like it to be on PSN and Xbox Live, Sadly, I'm still waiting for Jotto-Bots.

 The show going on until June 27th, check it out if your in town for E3.