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Monday, June 4, 2012

TTDILA This Week: June 4, 2012


I'm off to cover some E3 conferences as you're reading this. So I'll have updates throughout the week. Wii U looks like a immediate buy. Remember, there's plenty of E3 fun to be had, just check previous and future posts.

 I'm working on a write-up for a interview I had with the good folks who made Indie Game: The Movie out for digital download May 12, with a review. I'm also waiting for my interview questions answered from the artist Luke Chueh. Be sure to pick up Nintendo Power's June issue for a special surprise if your a fan of the site.

I might be visiting the finest dog hotels in LA this month to find the place for your perfect doggy get-away. Looking into the Look-East Film Festival featuring Korean movies later this month at the Chinese Theaters on Hollywood and Highland. I'd stay away from the LA Film Festival, three comedies about the end of the world? Yes, I'm including Juan of the Dead. Queen of Versailles might be the only decent film in the fest being a doc on a insanely rich family that doesn't get that the economy crashed and is now stuck with the largest unfinished hyper mansion in the country.

Hyper will now be used for "tremendously large" or "super".