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Saturday, June 30, 2012

AX 2012: Day 1 Breakdown and Tips

Wow, a huge crowd for AX's first day this year.

 Below are some quick tips and a break down of some of the panels.

-It seems that Viz has stepped up to replace Bandai's booth. You can get a nice big bag from them after going through their booth and getting stamps. Viz's panel went through what there network Neon Alley is going to provide. The President of ANN, whose partnering with Viz, hinted that it would be through PlayStation, but said he wasn't really sure. It seems like a nice enough service, especially for those who like certain series.

-Funimation is dominating AX as usual with a panel everyday. Today they showed off some of their future titles and showed off the first 4 episodes of Panty and Stocking.

-You can get a Panty and Stocking Heaven coin for free in you take a picture of any Panty and Stocking cosplayers then swing over to the Funimation booth and give it to the pole dancers. You can also pick up Panty and Stocking, before it's release date and get a free t-shirt with the deal.

-Right next to Funimation is Bandai Namco'S booth showcasing many of the titles I predicted including Dragonball Z for Kinect, it's quite fun to watch people play it. Capcom and Sega should have just kept their booths nearby from E3 and just put them back up for AX like Bandai did.

-Firefall also stayed around from E3, there giving out some blow-up guns and goodies as well as letting you play their game at their booth/car outside.

-The schedule has changed and 20th Century Boys won't be playing at this AX, we were instead treated to the Gintama movie, which was both funny and bloody, I'll review it later in more detail, but due pick it up or rent it. I don't know why the series hasn't come to the market here, just this movie.

Don't forget there's plenty to do other than the convention floor including the manga lounge and gaming area which holds arcade, console and board games. The console and board games and manga lounge are all free.