Monday, June 25, 2012

Anime Expo 2012: Cosplay Times and Places

As AX approaches I ponder what cosplay will be gracing this years event. What will the Poke-Men (young men barely dressed as Pokemon, sometimes as other games, but always almost naked) be wearing or how little? Will Pedo Bear be around Madoka Magic girls most of the time? Let's not forget d-slim has League of Legends - Blitzcrank (above) in the works, he was the guy in the tank from last year.

If your into a certain video game, anime or movie they have a gathering for it at AX.

Check this gathering list to meet up or take pictures of the group you belong too.

Here's the map that goes with it.

To all you cosplaying, have a good time you make Anime Expo what it is. Hopefully, I can grab a pic as cool as Matt Hawkins did below.