Saturday, June 23, 2012

Anime Expo 2012: Screws Up

I've noticed through a friends plight you can't find the schedule for AX at all by searching over the top tabs of their web-site. You have to comb the sites different pages searching for it.

Here's the schedule page again, since I last posted on it, which includes the maps of the convention area. AX web page designers have really screwed up by not making  it easy to access the schedule, it's one of the most important features for the site.

Secondly, the supposed mobile app for AX is found by going to on certain web enabled devices . This isn't really an App, but the mobile website for AX, it's very odd there calling it an App. An App would be a downloaded program, but it's just a good AX mobile site.

Finally, the programming guide explaining the schedule isn't up. There's isn't any info for any activities, panels and so on. Newcomers to AX or if you don't know much about something like ParaPara Dancing or Aniplex won't really understand the schedule that well. It's odd the AX officials don't have the program up with the schedule as I write this. Hopefully, it's put up soon.