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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Nintendo Conference 2012: Okay

Nintendo, some would belive could save E3, but that was a dream that died a slow boring death. No mention of brawl nor a new property( I don't count Nintendo Land) from Nintendo, but some titles based on old series. It wasn't that bad, it just wasn't what everyone hoped for. There are some fun new titles I can't wait to try for the Wii U and Nintendo's idea of making it the first thing you turn on before the TV is a bit bold, but unless it can do all the entertainment extras Sony and Microsoft are doing I doubt it.

New Super Mario Bros. U looks to be a brand new co-op adventure with up to 4 players . With new power-ups like a flying squirrel costume, Yoshis that inflate like helium balloons and some that can shoot bubbles that destroy enemies. Not mentioned for Mario games at the conference was the new 3DS New Super Mario Bros 2 game with the option of co-op, the first time ever on a handheld. With the new Wii U or what I'd like to call the WiiPoo, just so wii (wee) and poo could be together, anyway the Wii U Gamepad controller lets you add blocks (platforms) to the game on the fly so you reach  hidden spots in the game or be a jerk and block friends.

Pikmin 3 is a go, with new rock-type Pikmin. I'm still waiting on Wii motion control Pikmin 2 to come out. No idea how long until this will grace the earth. Looks to be a beautiful game with a locked camera to better know where everything is.
 I'm excited for a few titles, Namco's Tank!Tank!Tank! is ripped straight from the arcade for the home console. I just hope they've added a lot more. For an arcade game it's fine, but you"ll want to have more levels and power-ups for it to be a worthwhile title. I fear they're just going to be 3 levels. Game play wise you control a tank and can attack friends or enemies all while your head is displayed by the Wii U camera in you controller. It looks like an updated port, but a fun one.

ZombiU seen early in Nintendo's early trailer for the Wii U was a crowd favorite. Having to kill zombies with the new Wii U Gamepad showcased hot well it detects your movement for shaking of zombies to using a gun to blow a zombie way. This great part of gameplay where you unlocking a door like in a horror movie situation might have been my favorite moment. You can see see backwards and the keypad your typing into as zombies drudge closer and closer to you on the Wii U Gaamepad. Check below to see how the built in camera can display you and transform you into a zombie like it did Reggie.

 Scribblenauts Unlimited is an instant grab. A world where you can create anything, including a dog car, you"ll have so much unlimited freedom in this. There looks to be a full story of helping others with problems. Level 5 did well.

Arkham City Armored Edition looks like a more interactive version of the game I've played a few month back.  I've already played this game. If you haven't played it yet, wait for this fully immersive version with Wii U controller.

For interactive titles the Wii U has reinvented karaoke with SiNG, yeah the small (i) makes it  a game title? Anyway you can sing a dance to the newest version of what seems to be karaoke. Wii Fit U still uses the Wii Fit board and lets you exercise even more with fun game play.

Paper Mario and New Super Mario Bros Wii both look like fun. Paper Mario is still 6 months away, but with the same funny premises of earlier games. Now all your attacks are based on gaining stickers that show different attacks, so instead of getting a fire flower, you'd get a fire flower sticker.

New Super Mario Bros. 2, really, that's the title? Couldn't be gold  brothers or Mario Gets Gold or something more memorable? Anyway everything is about getting coins, which seems like a really dumb concept. Every power up is now coin infused. Only thing I care about is the co-op for 3DS.

Nintendo Land, Nintendo Land looks like it should be a real theme park, other than that I don't know. The whole walking around some virtual land doesn't always do well, look at PlayStation Home. Home is worthless, one of the mot dreadfully boring places to go, it's avoided and wasn't mention at Sony['s conference once, I wonder why?. It just never worked well and no one want to meet up in it. So this is Nitnedo's version of Home? The big difference is it's all about playing multiplayer games,
The multiplayer game they showed off was Luigi's Ghost Mansion Haunting Hijinks. You play sort of an advance version of Pac-Man. You hunt a ghost with flash lights through a maze. My problem is how many games will it Nintendo Land  have and will there ever be new ones? It's too early, but some may question if  Nintendo Land is needed, maybe just a quick menu system to play the co-op games is needed.