Thursday, June 21, 2012

ThunderCats Finale Is This The End?

A fantastic action battle with an entire city falling to the earth. Revelations and a terrible betrayal made the last ThuderCats of the season stupendous , but is it sadly also the series finale? With so much fan hype behind it, a new 3DS game out this September and a huge push from Bandai to make toys is the series really already over?

Let's go over how damn cool the final was, shall we? (spoilers)

First off, Mumm-ra and Pumyra are a couple? What in the Hell? I didn't see that coming. So she was resurrected by Mumm-ra as a undercover agent, but when did they fall in love? I assume it's just his control over her, but you don't think of Mumm-ra needing a girlfriend.

This just plain sucks for Lion-O who was falling for Pumyra, so not only did he lose a powerfull ally, and a power stone, he lost a hot girlfriend.

Next the epic sky battle and battle to defeat Mumm-ra, both had some great moments. Who didn't love seeing the ThunderCats defending the city with giant laser guns or see Mumm-ra main ship take out a huge chuh of the fight, including his own soldiers.

Then you have Mumm-ra gaining the tech stone and putting on skull encrusted and pointy battle army, he looks ten times the as terrfying. Then you have WilyKit and Kat saving the day by bringing in all the allies of the ThunderCats while a floating city in the sky crashes down.

(end of spoilers)

I don't want it to end, you shouldn't either. Sign this petition and have your voice be heard like screaming "Thunder" at the top of your lungs! I mean God damn it, Panthro has robotic arms that can stretch and punch you! It's one of the best show on Cartoon Network with animation well beyond any of the other shows on the network. Voice you concern to Warner Bros or the show will be tossed out like month old kitty litter and they'll start working on that awful Tome and Jerry reboot.