Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Anime Expo 2012: You Got X-Games In My Expo

June 30th 11:20am, you can see them attempt the The Hot Wheels Double Loop Dare
Just a heads up that the X-Games are going on at the same time as the Expo this year (June 28-July 1st), which means parking will be going up. Last year AX dodged the X-Games by about a week.

I wonder how the two cultures will clash, it may lead to catching some cool stunts and events happening Like the The Hot Wheels Double Loop Dare, maybe you can get a good view from somewhere near by. Also, if it goes wrong you"lll want to see the carnage, I'd love to see cosplyers tring to help accident victims. The loops for this event are 6 stories tall, I guess they worked out how fast they've got to be going or this could end badly, but entertaining.

There's plenty more X-Games stuff happening check it out here

Here's the full schedule