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Monday, June 25, 2012

The Rock That Makes Me Weep Levitated Mass

 So here's some pictures of what Levitated Mass, the giant rock at LACMA, looks like from it's opening. Truly a waste of money and time. I would argue that there is no significance whatsoever with it, with no meaning, no cultural or religious ties. Work, craftsmanship, time, effort all meaningless. I'm sorry the boulder didn't crush the people in the picture, not that I hate them, it just would have made the opening more interesting.

Here's something I care more about than this and has more cultural impact. I'll be having a longer write up on a Hot Wheels Loop De Loop made real for the X Games next weekend. The time and construction put into that has more bearing than this worthless rock in society.

It's a great argument for people who hate the arts and I could not argue against it.