Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Anime Expo 2012: What the Hell is going to be there?

Anime Expo might look like a different beast this year.

Whose not coming?

Sadly, Bandai Entertainment is gone, meaning their booth, screenings, panel and free posters are gone. Possibly, a smaller version of the company will be represented, but how small?

 I'm not happy about their end. I was looking forward to certain shows they had like Everyday Life's dub.Bandai's participation was key for having a big fun event. Just a note* Bandai might be called "Bandai visual co, ltd."  in the US now, so if their is a both it'll be all different looking. They are listed as an exhibitor, but just through  their Japanese site.

Viz, I don't get Viz really. They're second to Funimation in big name titles like Naruto and Soul Eater, but last year all they did was provide lanyards. Yeah, they were a big sponsor, but what presence did they have? No booth, it's more than odd. They are listed as an exhibitor, but the floor plan ain't up so will have to wait and see.

XSeed Games isn't listed in exhibitors this year, sad. Might be last minute.

Needs to step up

Just reading in Japanator about Media Blasters, not doing so well. I had a problem last year even finding their booth, because they didn't have their sign up stating who they were, it was just massive booth with no name. They might not be getting any new licenses or new content.. They will have the booth I guess again. They did bring Squid Girl to North America so they have some great taste, they just need to show it off a bit.

Right Stuf/Nozomi Entertainment has been confusing people with its wrong name for a while. Can't say there titles have me riveted, but they're trying with original Dirty Pair. As I write this their names isn't on the exhibitor list, might just be a panel.

Anchor Bay/Sony well they had Redline and... Redline. You'd think being based in Japan they'd care to bring more anime over. Also, no booth I can think of, just a big banner.

Aniplex stepped up by still getting Madoka Magica out after Bandai ended. All the episodes for it will be out by Anime Expo 2012 . They don't have that many titles coming out, but they always seem to have a panel. So let's hope they can still keep up with out Bandai.

Whose going to be there?

Funimation, no brainer. I just wonder if they'll be showing off the goods for Panty and Stocking. I've seen a Cat Planet Cuties photo moment at other festivals.

Toei Animation they're behind some of the best animation out of Japan like oh Dragon Ball and One Piece. Their booth always seems a bit lackluster.

Namco Bandai I wonder if they'll be showing off their Dragon Ball Z for Kinect and One Piece game.

NIS America is nicely growing, I just wish they'd dub more.

Section 23/Sentai Filmworks is just hard to pin down, they've had success with titles like High School of the Dead and got Queen's Blade Rebellion and K-ON! Season 2.

Aksys Games always has fun new title or Japanese game re-dubbed for the US.

J-List they always have something new to entertain or something that parent's will have to call back massagers to kids.

Crunchy Roll and Nico Nico both had killer fun booths last year. I enjoyed the crowd involvement with each.

Critical Mass perhaps? They are um... into hentai.


Anime Jungle and Kinokuniya Bookstores out of our Little Tokyo will be there.

Go away

Verizon, why are you even here?

Warner Bros, better have some relation to anime, why was Final Destination 5 represented last year?