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Monday, June 25, 2012

Anime Expo 2012: Subway/Parking

If your going to Anime Expo it may be cheaper to just take the subway. Here's it's problems: pricey, but not as much as parking, people and time. Oh, and it's ugly, not disgusting, but the subway cars are ugly.

$6 all day pass just saves you time, unless you want to go through getting transfers to your pass, which takes time on the menu selection and if the subway shows up it won't wait for you.

That price might go up just in time for AX to $7.

People, it's not that they're that horrible, it's just that others suck. Sometimes you get the homeless or generally annoying or the cars can get packed and you got to stand.

As your ride gets closer to AX you might find other Anime Expo attendees and get along, so not that bad.

Parking, parking ugh. It will be probably be $15-$20 at the LA Convnetion Center parking lot and Staples Center lots, more if a sports game might be going on.

There are just a bunch of lots around the center each with different price points that go up and down depending on the event. You might find one for cheap as $8 or $10 the further away you park. Be careful the lot you choose and make sure that you"ll be able to get out when you want, some pack cars in tight.