Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Gun Sculpture and Giant Rock Art Visual Human Achievement Dead

Ughh, just ughhh

Tomorrow night, June 14th at 5:30 pm artist Victor Hugo Zayas will show off his gun sculpture made of guns from the recent buyback program from the city. The gun sculpture made of guns will be placed in the LAPD Headquarters Administration Building Lobby as a constant reminder of failure I guess. It seems like one of the more stupid waste of money and time for what we call art. The reminder to cops that many people in the city have guns to shoot them as they enter work seems like a huge failure on part of the administration of the city. Secondly, it looks kind of lazy. Oh, he melted some guns together, good for you Victor, good for you.

LACMA on the other hand has a giant rock, that you can go under. Levitated Mass features a $10 million project of a rock held up by two walls. Patrons will go under the rock between the two walls. So there is that. Yeah...

You can go under it starting June 24th.

The rock is in no way magical or has any religious significance, nor was on TV or in film. I do want a magnet for it.