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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Omar Kendall Please Stop Talking About PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

 Dear Omar,

I'm looking forward to the game and have no animosity to you, but you speak in a monotone that makes the game seem boring. Boring enough to make people not play it. Your the game director and it's your baby, but please let someone from Sony PR or someone else from the team who can be social explain gameplay. The game looks like fun, but when you add your voice to video or presentations it lessens it. I've seen you in the promo video with terrible camera movement and the Sony Conference at E3 2012, both times you've made me want to stop paying attention.

From what I've seen your good at making this game, but not selling or making it fun to hear about. Your hurting your own game. Stop it! I hope Sony and fans of Sony read this and tell you to step down from presenting it in videos. Just get someone else on your team that can talk and if not I'm sure Sony can provide people. Get the actor who plays Kevin Butler to do the videos from now on.
You will hurt sales, no one wants someone that boring talking about a multiplayer beat-em up with fond PlayStation characters.

It's also rather odd you didn't announce Ratchet, Clank, Jax and Daxter when it's obvious there going to be in the game. I'd also love it if you put Ape Escape characters in.

Anyway, I don't mean to anger you, I just don't want to hear you again, except in a interview on my site which would just be read, no audio or video. Unless, I include a game trailer that isn't voiced.