Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Japanese Street Style Review

Japanese Street Style
photos by Little Robyn

You can check out a preview of the book here

Japanese Street Style is another coffee table book going over the street fashion of Japan. The book is filled with page to page pictures of both bizarre and beautiful Japanese clothing that young people strut around in to get attention and form clicks in Japan. While collecting great photography of the different types of styles the book also informs of each style and what it looks like and some background of it.

Before reading this I didn't realize there were so many differnt types of Lolita fashion and there was even short note on furry tails, which I was just talking about with a friend. Furry tails are simply tails that latch on to the back of peoples pants. Apparently, it doesn't mean your a homosexual, but is just a new accessory for people today.  Really all the info is given at the beginning of the book then you have pages filled with pictures popping with style like you've never seen in the West.