Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Zinefest L.A. Standing Room Only

 I made my way to Zine Fest L.A. Sunday and I have to say it wasn't what I expected. If you've been to Unique LA it's was like that, but much closer together. If you haven't been to Unique LA it was like going up the Last Bookstore stairs to an extremely claustrophobic atmosphere building. I think it would have been easier on everyone if it was held in a parking lot nearby. The Last Bookstore did it previously for a book sale and it was just easier to walk around. So what about the zines?
 Well, here's what I got. "I Can Be A Shark" by Carolyn Tom
 which has great art and is a fun short story of a young girl trying to be a shark, it reminds me a bit of the anime Squid Girl, I hope to see more of her work somewhere. PixelDrip was a $1 buy and I think I've seen it someplace before, I can't say I enjoyed it that much. What I did enjoy was The Devastator #4 about Arcades and the Marvel Vs Capcom Legal Affairs poster from the same group. The highlight was getting a drawing from Andy Ristaino more on that on the sister site Adventure Time Time.
 Overall there was a lot of indie stuff out there, but most of it didn't seem to be connected to zines. I don't know why someone was selling music at zinefest and not indie comics. One weird entry was a Zebratron DVD which looked like a failed Adult Swim pilot.  To me it was too darn crowded, honey cow. I was going in thinking there'd wouldn't be that many great comics, but making your characters gay or saying that your gay from your comic isn't the ...*yawn*. I'd like to have just read one zine about outer space or something very silly with some art to back it up( there were like two like that furniture pornography and coloring races color book), alas there weren't any that won me over. In the end I heard artist saying they'd be in future shows and people just digging the random stuff that was all over the place, just next time it needs to be in an open space.

 Strange art section, the snake has the title Shake Jizz?