Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mann Theatres Dead Long Live Chinese Theatres

So it seems Mann Theatres is no loner around, but it doesn't seem to affect us in Hollywood as all the theaters were bought up. You will have to remember it's just called the Chinese 6 instead of the Mann's Chinese 6 from now on. I was interested in getting to watch a movie using D-Box technology (stupid name). What is D- Box?

I've never tried it as the movies playing with it all seemed like utter crap. While looking online for some new movies coming out that use the technology I came across the new Chinese Theater site.

Did you know that at least one theatre has Iosono sound, what is Iosono sound? Well it takes up to 300-200 speakers to create something called an "audio hologram" which  supposedly surpasses surround sound and recreates original audio better.

I'm not sure which theaters have the D-Box chairs or Iosono sound, I would just ask someone the next time your in.

Another funny note was last year the Eiga Film Festival (Japanese) was held at the Chinese Theatre.