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Monday, February 13, 2012

Movie Hype: Want To See Japanese Cinema

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney aka Gyakuten Saiban

There's so many Japanese films I can't wait to see . Miike Takashi's Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney was just released today in Japan and I have no idea when it will be hitting American shores. The movie follows the first five cases from the video game and seems to have captured the look. In trailers the lighting does seem a bit darker thant the funny series about being a lawyer. You might find it strange , but it's set in the futrue where cases must be finsihed in three days.

I do want a dub for, it just won't be the same withoutsome spouting "Objection!"

Here's an interview with Miike about the film.

 Let's Go

After watching the trailer I was hooked, what if you decided to be a power ranger or a Japanese here with no real powers? You have this movie to show you. It also looks very violent. I haven't seen any of director Wong Ching-Po's earlier work, but I just love the concept. It's just been on the film festival scene for right now.

The Warped Forest

Shunichiro Miki's film makes me wish we had more than two Japanese Film Festivals in LA. This has only come out in a Hawaii. I'm somewhat sad to see the previous directors of the prequel Funky Forest not on board for this outing in the series. I recently watched The Taste of Tea a truly insane piece of a masterful special effect funny film making. The trailer above should have you going, " Oh, Japanese films, never change".