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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Anime Hype: Bride Corps

 The Bride Corps might be one of the silliest groups in anime I've seen next to the Ginyou force. From the film "Crayon Shin-chan: Super-Dimension! The Storm Called My Bride" these unlucky ladies in love can't seem to get a man. You see for us Shin-Chan only lasted so long on television and recently was released by Funimation with a huge re-dubbing, but in Japan, it's be going on for a long time. You see the Super-Dimension! film is the 18th Shin-Chan movie out and the 19th has already come out.
 I so want them in a video game or something else the concept is too silly. In the movie, their the main hench men of the bad guy, they get into cat fights and have wedding based attacks sort of like Sailor Moon attacks. All together their intro song solidifies how strange it is they should be in a kid's movie. Sometime the humor from the dubs wasn't that far from the original concepts.