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Monday, February 20, 2012

Not In LA: Amusement Expo 2012

The Amusement Expo that takes place is a sight to behold I'm sure. Though LA gets E3 we don't get an expo solely about arcade games and outside machines and equipment to make theme parks and other venues more entertaining. Attending E3 I kind of wonder why Sega Amusements or Namco of America don't flaunt there arcade machines as well.  Here's the info about the event happening not too far away in Las Vegas.

Amusement Expo 2012
March 14-16
Las Vegas Convention Center

From the pictures I've seen I wish the event took place here, but it isn't too far to consider driving off to. This is where all the amusement companies show off their newest products and innovations you might see at Dave and Buster's or City Walk.