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Friday, February 24, 2012

Movie Hype: Beyond The Alien President's Daughter

Beyond The Black Rainbow

I was so happy to hear Magnet/ Magnolia Films got Beyond The Black Rainbow. I can still remember the trippy look and 80's feel about a young women with psychic powers trying to escape an evil institute at AFI Fest. I was amazed when people walked out, they actually left when the movie switched it's tone considerably. I found the director to be funny with maybe saying one word before leaving, Panos Cosmatos is his name and this is his first major film. Michael Rogers as Dr. Barry Nyle played the perfect villain and I'd say he was more the star of the movie than the protagonist. I'll update you when screenings and home video offerings are upon us, most likely in Spring.

Alien Repair Guy

Alien Repair Guy has some amazing special effects and come from Norway. This short has yet to be released anywhere even though on IMDB says it's completed, maybe it will be a stepping stone for a large project, I hope it does, because it immediately takes you in on wonder what's going to happen.

MS ONE Security Maximum/Lockout

So totally cliche, but I'd definitely go see it with friends or watch on tv. The entire film scream 90's action hero. How many time will we use the president daughter in media. It instantly remind me of a short by Rob Schrab's Robot Bastard, hmm other saving President's daughter media, Resident Evil 4, Dynamite Cop, it just happens a lot.