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Monday, February 13, 2012

Cartoon Hype: Move Over Stupidest Thing Ever

The creator of Cow and Chicken, David Feiss,  has brought back the eco-friendly cartoon. I'm sure little kids will understand all the corporate stuff. My favorite part is how cruel the situation is for the human beings and how the character design of their cute forms looks like it was created by another cartoonist. Oh wait they were, you see YooHoo & Friends is based on a line of endangered animal dolls that became a cartoon in Korea. I guess Feiss is out of money to even be connected to this total garbage. Remember kids don't pollute the environment, but buy are merch and we aren't part of the same corporations that hurt the environment.

It's schedule for the US sometime in April, don't no what channel, most likely Hub, because it looks like total crap. If Cartoon Network thinks it makes sense, some executives to be shot into the sun.