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Monday, February 20, 2012

Detective Mom

Why don't we get more Japanese live action shows here, they're like uber silly sitcoms we just don't make anymore. sigh

"Takako Maruoka (Hiromi Nagasaku) is a female detective who never makes excuses, never compromises, chooses her own way of life, stands on her own two feet and never gives up fighting. Being a single mother, Takako takes her one-year-old son wherever she goes. She disregards rules, common sense and people around her. She conducts illegal investigations and even torture, if necessary, to solve a case. Takako is a true “Dirty Mama.” In contrast, Aoi Nagashima (Karina) is a female rookie detective with a strong sense of justice and solid work ethics, but she’s also a little slow and has the mind of a young, dreamy girl. Unlike Takako, Aoi’s mind is filled with dreams and hopes for love and for her newly-assigned work. However, dealing with Takako’s dirty, reckless work and being used as Takako’s babysitter cast a dark cloud over the relationship between Aoi and her boyfriend.

A single mother detective and her rookie buddy work together to seek “true happiness for women,” while scouring the streets to investigate cases with aggressiveness and dynamism."

Detective Mom website


I have no idea about these, but they seem to be quiz shows

All from Nippon Television.