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Sunday, February 5, 2012

The 39th Annual Annie Awards Were Awesome

So the Annie Awards simply rocked with akwardness, in the top photo you have Dana Syner and Dave Willis from Aqua Teen Hunger Force with your TTDILA team on the scene Natalie Hart and me. The next photo's with me and Weird Al.

The... oh my god, I've never seen what happened at this award ever before. You had so many awkward moments and whoever was directing the show was out for the night.

(See below)Someone put this up, but I'm sure in a few days the full clip will go viral on the net, a presenter screwed up bad, very very bad. They read the winner in another category early and all Hell broke loose.

I don't where to start and the clip above doesn't do what happened throughout the night justice. I'll have a full write up and some video in the next few days.