Thursday, February 2, 2012

I Hate The Freaking LA Ghost Patrol So Freaken Much

You just want to beat-em them up looking at them. I'd love it if their site didn't have all this fake ghost crap and they just explored fascinating areas like the Devil's Gate and gave thoughful explantions of what they were doing, but they don't. They do these stupid fake ghost poo outings ...uuhhh. I resent them for  pretending not to be regular people and going with this schtick about ghosts and the horrible night cam footage.

They also got to go to the Magic Castle, which recently had a fire...hmmm whose fault was that I wonder.

Simply put they're great enemies for this site by just being socially akward hipster douches who try to fool people.
Here's a qoute from their twitter

"This place is suspect for a shitload of haunting activity, something there seems to be chasing people away with a vengeance!! "