Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Washing Pool of Mount Sinai

 On a sad Sunday, I recently had to visit some departed relatives at a cemetery. What stood out to me was The Washing Pool you can use as you leave. Think of it as a way to cleanse yourself of the place. A constant small waterfall of water pours down you can wash your hands with. The strangest bit has to be that someone had to design it with a hand dryer in mind, you can see it in the last picture. I was told at some point that had towels near it, but I have no idea where they would have been placed.

I still haven't traveled to the Forever Cemetery in many years, I still find it strange it allows movies to be played over the graves. At Mount Sinai there have been some break-ins of cars while people were off mourning, which makes those criminals even worse than your average dirt bags. I think the penalty should be to bury them one night among the dead.

The second odd piece of note might be that Forest Lawn is adjacent, which lets anyone get buried in it, I believe you have to be Jewish to be buried at Mount Sinai. A simple low wall that you can step over separates the two cemeteries at some points, it's just odd that religion condones where one may be buried.

BTW you can get a free Tzedakah box from Mt Sinai here. What is it, well it's a box to collect coins for charity, fill it up and then just donate the coins to the charity of your choice. I think they tell you of some on the back, but you really can just collect for any charity and then dump into their basket and go, "There I care about the community and helping others, better than you", to the person who only puts in one quarter. Wait for someone else to comes by so they look like they didn't event care. I wouldn't recommend homeless people, but the organizations that help them.