Saturday, February 11, 2012

Justice League: Doom @ Paley Center

Justice League: Doom @ Paley Center
Thursday, February 16, 2012
7:00 pm PT
The Paley Center For Media
465 N. Beverly Drive
Beverly Hills CA 90210
You have a chance to see Justice League: Doom before it hits home video. There'll be some voice actors showing up too.
Tim Daily, Superman
Susan Eisenberg,Wonder Woman
Phil Morris, Vandal Savage
Paul Blackthorne, Metallo
Olivia d’Abo, Star Sapphire
Andrea Romano, Voice Director
Lauren Montgomery, Director
Moderator: Geoff Boucher, Hero Complex editor,Los Angeles Times (He's the best moderator I've seen on stage)
Here's how it is, Andrea Romano finally casted the good voices of Superman and Batman again for a mediocre tale. The story that was adapted was from my favorite era of the JLA from the arc called Tower of Babel. It has Batman's contingency plan if any of his friend's go rogue or mind controlled or whatever. It's a very unheroic adventure, more of a story of how even when the heroes are at their weakest they can still pull through. It also makes Batman seem even more insane than usual. I'm not happy that's what Bruce Timm chose when there's so many other stories they could have told. It' also seems like he isn't showing up to this event. I wouldn't blame him as Dwayne McDuffie died shortly after he went to a showing of All-Star Superman with Timm at the Paley, maybe he thinks it cursed and anyone from DC who goes before a release will die.

The other problem I have is that DC/WB can produce this, but not spend time on quality animation on the Green Lantern Animated series that looks so bland you could call it a THQ designed cartoon. Bruce Timm is like so many other childhood heros who should just stop making new things. This list includes Stan Lee, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, George Romero, Ridley Scott  and Martin Scorsese. Just do cameos.

PS Bruce Timm your redesigns for Batman the animated series were a terrible idea. How the f*ck was that Catwoman still! The only good one was Scarecrow, but other than that, someone should have said, "No Bruce! No!".