Friday, February 17, 2012

John Carter Movie Over Don't See New John Carter Movie

Yesterday was the last day to see Disney's new sci-fi flop John Carter of Mars. The sci-fi, heavy cgi Disney film based on the book series by Edgar Rice Burroughs, who happened to also create Tarzan. It did so bad Disney decided to end it's run early.  Perhaps it was the acting like statues, especially from the Queen of Mars played by Lynn Collins who does her best to act like Princess Padme from the Star War prequels. Perhaps it was the going over budget or losing key crew. Perhaps being to dependent on CGI and not enough on a good story and character development. Maybe it was the stupidity to put someone in the movie as Edgar Rice Burroughs.

 Truly sad is it's the first live action venture for Andrew Stanton who directed the Pixar film Wall-E. This will knock him down for a while, but I'm sure he rise up again. I mean look at Henry Sellick with Monkeybone, then he did Caroline, because he learned he sucked at live action. This is a much more costly mistake for Disney

In any case the film is out of theaters and will be forgotten until it resides on HBO and Showtime and DVD. As John Carter of Mars slides away the new film John Carter will be in theaters as much worse adaption of the movie from a rival studio within Disney. This John Carter film comes out March 9th and I strongly stress it worse than it's predecessor. This film is also a retelling of how John Carter got to Mars with also poor acting, over budget spending, and dependence on CGI over story telling. I can't even express how much worse this film will be compared to the other. I think it has tacked on 3D and maybe the people involved in executive postions thought it just made bank while they just got corner offices.  Oh, well Disney still has Avengers out in May as it's two afraid to set it against Batman later in the Summer.

 Don't see this new one March 9th it's a stinker