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Saturday, February 11, 2012

TTDILA Where Are We Now, Will There Be More Blood?

Hey Readers! Yo and so on. I just ordered a nice new DSLR camera and other equipment to have much more content for the site. That means interviews you don't have to read and much more funny videos I'll try to create. It also means a lot more blood, I mean a lot more blood. I love killing zombies and blood and basically killing James, who if you've been following the site had been killed a lot. Possibly some more Painting with Paul and more coverage of events with nicer pics and video and of course blood.

If you've noticed I've had some pretty darn cool interviews of late and I'll be trying for a lot more this year. I'll also be trying to update the site  better with different hype sections on movies, cartoons, anime and the content you've enjoyed staring at. Mostly I'll be trying to post on of course things to do in LA.

 So what I'm saying is keep enjoying the site and there will be even more blood.

There Will Be Blood. Blood.