Monday, February 6, 2012

Movie Hype: Judge Dredd already Looks Sh*tty

No this isn't a fan film, but just looking at a few photographs you can tell the next Judge Dredd is already going to suck. Right off bat, the way the angles are and the lighting tell me it's crap, but mostly it's the giga-helmet Dredd has on. It's like Spaceballs Dark Helmet huge. He's outfit looks like it was made rather cheaply and he's partner looks like she stepped out of a soft porn late night movie on Starz.
 This gunshot to the head looks incredibly bad, like something from a low budget zombie movie, it's sad to say, but the original Judge Dredd  just looks better.
Don't spend money to see it in theaters when it comes out. Extra sad, I think it's made by the English who originally created Dredd and it seems whoever was put in charge of it had no budget or just sucks at his job.