Saturday, February 18, 2012

Jake Makes One Hell of Ugly Football Adventure Time Toy Update

 Jazzwares small booth from Toy Fair 2012 on Adventure Time toys has more pics online. There's a ton of new toys on the way.
 A new Finn Hat will come with a voice modulator for auto-tuning.
Hello Ladies! Checking out Finn and Jake? I see you have a lovely new hanging Jake around your neck.

Now in this shot you can see quite possibly the grossest Jake toy the new Jake Football. It seems like something out of a horror movie. I hates and fears it.

 Here's another look at it and boy is it gross, above it you can see some deluxe figure including those for Fionna and her crew, wow toys after one episode! That's pretty cool. If you look on the left you'll see a zombie line too.
 Now you can shove Finn and Jake up your ear and it might not cause hearing loss. Oh, look you get ear thing with the Finn headset, righteous brother!
 Just to silly Jake Suit again
 Here's the new sword again

 I'm not sure what the buckets are for still. I want one though, why isn't here Adventure Time Ice Cream or cereal yet? Just do it already cartoon network
 In this you can see more plushies are added like Lumpy Space Princess and a fat Jake and oh look a pending big Beemo figure and eww that hideous ball from Hell.
 Whats hard to make out on the right is the grow figures that were promised last year. Now you can grow Finn and Jake I guess. It makes more sense if it's just Jake

 This pic grabs a lot you see a Rainicorn and Cake plushie. You also see a big Ice King figure and a Gut Grinder Figure. But waiiiiit there's more. You see the deluxe set of Candy people and yes ladies your very own Marshall Lee- just a brief cameo. It's Star Wars toys at this point. You also see the other gender swapped deluxe characters
 In these you see the Fionna Doll with Cake they both are plush.
 I know it's small but in the corner is a Marceline plush, these are honestly the best pics I can find right now, if you can find them please e-mail the link here [email protected] . If you look below there also seems to be a Finn pajama doll, but only his legs. Remember I only found these pics online I didn't take these pictures

And of course there it is again, I hate Football Jake