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Monday, February 13, 2012

DNA US Conference 2012

The DNA or Digital  Network Association will be in LA in May. I mention it now, because it's a brand new conference that many people might be interested in. It will be showcasing new products in leisure activities outside. Meaning a big part will be new arcade games, but on top of that the latest tech akin to arcade games.

Here's the major info

DNA US Conference 2012
Update the event will now be happening Oct 2 and 3, please go to the website for more info
 (May 15-16, 2012) Including the One and a Half-day Conference, and ticket only VIP Evening Social Reception that will be held at the recently opened Frag’d Media’s ’1835 Social Club’ in LA, offering social gaming.
tickets-early bird special  until Feb 29th

Here are some of the panels for the May 15 portion of the event

»The Next-Generation Arcade

» Interactive Laser Experiences in Leisure Facilities -- the Next Era

» New Models of Interactivity in Movie Theaters

» Riding the Wave of Gesture-based Experiences in Leisure Facilities

» Augmented Reality's Next Stage in Leisure Facilities

» 3D Interactive Experiences in Public Places -- Ready for Takeoff?

» Maximizing Social Media in Leisure Facilities

» Leveraging Hybrid Physical and Virtual Experiences in Public Places

The other portion of the conference takes place in the Vortex Dome