Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Couldn't Agree More DC Sucks

I hate what you think are good ideas DC, the timeline rewrite, the leap into digital forgetting your fans who read the comic and your smug attitude. After the Batman movie and like know Marvel will beat you at the box office. Warner Bros/Cartoon Network (same company) marketing don't come to AX this year without something  related to the Thundercats. You brought Scream 5, I mean Final Destination 5, why the Hell do you suck at everything. It's an anime event, go to a horror-con pricks.

You got your ass handed to you by Sony and the Spider-man events I just wrote about where Spider-man symbols went up like Bat signals with free screenings. You suck for fans, you don't have any events anymore, get Forty Seven to help you already cuz your internal marketing sucks. It sucks cock.

Geoff Johns maybe just go back to writing one comic, because you and Jim Lee have become pretentious assholes with nothing to back you up.